Equine Statistics - NYS

197,000 Equines in NYS

- 87,000 Pleasure (54%)

- 11,100 Lessons

- 27,000 Competition (14%)

 - 14,500 Racing

- 26,900 Breeding

- 4,700 Speciality

- 25,800 Other

Equine Related Expenditures

- $2.06 billion: operating & capital

 - $10,457 per equine

 USDA National Agricultural Statistice Service, 2005

Economic Impact

-The NY horse industry has a $4.8 billion annual impact on our state's economy and produces goods and services valued at $2.4 Billion annually

-The national industry has a $4.8 Billion impact on the NY economy

 - 258,100 New Yorkers are involved in the industry as:
Owners, Service Providers, Employees, Volunteers and Spectators

-The Industry provides 35,773 FTE jobs in New York

. NY is the home of 9 Racetracks

-There are over 1,000 thoroughbred breeders and 400 thoroughbred breeding farms throughout the state

. The thoroughbred industry creates over 30,000 jobs and accounts for 55% of the equine industry's contribution to the NYS GDP

-Six of the 40 National Horse Shows of 1996 were held in New York

-The median income of the average horse owner is $36K to 60K per year

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